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Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Grain-Free Beef Mini Nibs Dog Food

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  • INCREDIBLE VALUE – Our 1 pound bag provides 14% more food that other brands.
  • REAL MEAT! – nothing else, check our label! Made from USA pasture-fed beef, bones and organ meat, exactly what nature ordered for your fur baby, packed with protein and essential amino acids, providing energy and supporting a strong immune system.
  • NEW PUPPY? Feed Vital Essentials complete and balanced puppy food to ensure your new pup is eating the nutrients needed for strong bones and healthy coat!
  • LESS POO TO CLEANUP – MORE PLAYTIME – serving raw, freeze dried food means less poo – WHY? It is simple, natural food, highly digestible, meaning more food stays with your pup, absorbing the vital nutrients vs. passing through to your yard.
  • SIMPLE, LIMITED INGREDIENTS – Easy to serve and tasty! Great for weekends camping, hiking or at the cabin in an easy to serve resealable pouch. No 40# bag to lug around. Just pour in your dogs’ favorite bowl and serve, no re-hydration needed. (Lovin’ from your fur baby is free!)

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