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Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Frozen Dinner Morsels

$17.99 available on subscription

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Introducing Stella & Chewy’s Chick Chick Chicken Frozen Dinner Morsels for Cats – a delectable culinary delight designed to provide your feline friend with the ultimate in taste and nutrition. Crafted with care and a commitment to quality, this frozen raw cat food offers a convenient way to nourish your cat’s instinctual cravings for real, raw meat.

Unleash the power of pure, farm-raised chicken as the star ingredient in every bite. These succulent frozen dinner morsels are gently freeze-dried to lock in the natural flavors, nutrients, and wholesome goodness that your cat deserves. With a focus on quality sourcing and minimal processing, Stella & Chewy’s ensures that each morsel is free from artificial additives, grains, and fillers – a true feast for your discerning feline.

Whether served as a complete meal or a tantalizing meal topper, Chick Chick Chicken Frozen Dinner Morsels offer a balanced and biologically appropriate diet, supporting your cat’s overall well-being. Watch as your cat’s eyes light up and their taste buds dance with delight, savoring the genuine taste of raw, real chicken.




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