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Smallbatch Shelf Stable Chicken Bone Broth

$12.99 available on subscription

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Introducing SmallBatch Shelf-Stable Organic Chicken Bone Broth – the ultimate treat for your furry companions. Crafted with care and dedication, this exquisite pet-friendly delight offers a nourishing experience that transcends mealtime.

Packed with wholesome goodness, SmallBatch’s Organic Chicken Bone Broth is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and your pet’s well-being. Sourced from premium organic ingredients, this golden elixir is thoughtfully prepared to deliver a burst of flavor that will have your dogs and cats eagerly anticipating their next meal. The natural richness of chicken and the inherent benefits of bone broth come together to provide a comforting and revitalizing treat for your pets.

Convenience meets nutrition with the shelf-stable design of this bone broth. No refrigeration needed – simply open and pour to enhance your pet’s regular diet or serve as a delectable standalone treat. Whether used as a flavorful supplement or a cozy hydration option, SmallBatch’s Organic Chicken Bone Broth is a versatile addition to your pet’s culinary experience. Elevate mealtime into a delightful bonding ritual, knowing you’re providing your cherished companions with a wholesome and delicious treat that supports their overall health and happiness.




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