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Smallbatch Rabbit frozen sliders

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Introducing “RabbitBatch” by Small Batch Pets – a meticulously crafted culinary delight that brings the wholesome goodness of nature straight to your pet’s bowl. Specially designed for the discerning rabbit’s palate, RabbitBatch is a premium small-batch formula that embodies the essence of nutrition and flavor.

In the heart of every bag lies a thoughtfully curated blend of the freshest, high-quality ingredients, sourced sustainably to ensure your furry friend receives the very best. Each morsel is a symphony of vibrant, hand-selected vegetables, succulent fruits, and nutrient-rich herbs, all carefully balanced to support your rabbit’s overall well-being. With no artificial additives, grains, or fillers, RabbitBatch stands as a testament to Small Batch Pets’ commitment to providing only the purest, most nourishing diet possible.

Beyond its exceptional ingredients, RabbitBatch goes beyond just sustenance; it’s a culinary journey that caters to your rabbit’s natural instincts and cravings. As your pet indulges in this delectable medley, their senses will awaken to the enticing aroma and satisfying textures, making mealtime a truly enriching experience. Elevate your rabbit’s dining moments with RabbitBatch – a culinary masterpiece that reflects Small Batch Pets’ dedication to crafting a premium, nutritious, and irresistibly delicious meal for your cherished companion.


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