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Pure Shreds Shredded Chicken Breast Entrée for Cats

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KOHA Pure Shreds are delicious shredded chicken breast recipes in a savory broth. Cats go crazy for the shredded texture and the tasty superfood blend of pumpkin, carrots, & spinach. This low fat entrée is an excellent choice for weight control. Our Pure Shreds Shredded Chicken Breast Entrée does not contain any unnecessary fillers or artificial preservatives or carb-loaded fillers like peas, potatoes, and grains that can lead to digestive issues.

High Protein
Increases Hydration
Easy to Digest
No Carb-Loaded Fillers or Preservatives
Low Fat
No Peas, Potatoes, or Pea Protein
Superfood in Broth


2.8oz, 5.5oz


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