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NutriSource Canned Dog Food Chicken/Rice

$2.99 available on subscription

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When you choose to feed your dog NutriSource Chicken & Rice Canned Dog Food, you’re choosing a trusted brand and a balanced meal that will fill your dog’s every nutritional need. This premium canned food is scientifically formulated to digest easily, with high quality ingredients and several extra measures that make NutriSource stand out from the crowd for the digestibility of its foods. With a well-rounded ingredient list including real chicken, ocean fish, brown rice, alfalfa meal and cranberries, you better believe that your picky eater will adore the taste of NutriSource Chicken & Rice Canned Dog Food!

NutriSource’s aim is always to enhance the health and well-being of your pet through nutritionally sound foods, and that starts with great ingredients. Real, tasty, protein-packed, muscle-building chicken is the most plentiful ingredient on the list, giving NutriSource Chicken & Rice Canned Dog Food an irresistible, rich flavor. Chicken’s nutrients are readily available in a dog’s system, which helps with digestion and results in less waste. The same is true of the whole grain rice included in this formula. Fish is an additional high quality protein, and it offers all-important Omega fatty acids that will help your dog thrive. Finally, plant ingredients and fruits round out this ingredient list with extra vitamins and minerals provided by dried kelp, alfalfa meal and cranberries.




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