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Nummy Tum Tum Organic Pumpkin

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Our pure, organic pumpkin is made from the finest organic pumpkin available. A special variety we’ve been cultivating for years, this pumpkin is unique, rich, smooth, and nutritious. Nummy Tum Tum organic pumpkin can be a supplement to food or as a treat on its own!

If your pet has never tried pumpkin before, introducing it is easy, and it has many health benefits! See our handy chart under serving suggestions to figure out what amount is right for your pet. Larger dogs will go through the cans much more quickly, so if you have a smaller dog, portion out the pumpkin in an ice cube tray and freeze it. Pumpkin should not be stored in the fridge for more than 3 days, and you should always move it to a sealable container for storage.




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