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My Perfect Pet Buddy’s Glycemic Friendly GF Beef

$42.99 available on subscription

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  • 95% protein from Beef — at My Perfect Pet, we care about the compassionate treatment of all animals, and are working to ensure that our beef ingredients are sourced from welfare-certified ranches and that our Buddy’s Glycemic Friendly Beef Blend earns a certification recognized by the ASPCA®’s Shop With Your Heart® program by 2025.
  • Delicious flavor of freshly baked beef and vegetables! Even picky dogs love it!
  • Easily digestible for sensitive stomachs.
  • Rich in antioxidants to help boost immune system.
  • Perfect for dogs when weight loss or restricted carbohydrate diet is recommended.
  • Buddy’s Glycemic Friendly Beef Blend has only 3.9% carbohydrates and a calculated glycemic load of only 0.77 per ounce. This blend is made with lean boneless skinless beef round and blended with nutrient rich vegetables like broccoli and green beans. By eating the right diet, your dog will feel better, have more energy, and live longer. This blend is often recommended by veterinarians for dogs with diabetes, cancer, weight loss, or those that would otherwise benefit from a lower glycemic diet. Buddy’s Glycemic Friendly Beef Blend is 100% complete and balanced so healthy adult dogs can enjoy it too!



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