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Fromm® Pâté Whitefish & Lentil Pâté Food for Dogs

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Introducing the Fromm Family Whitefish and Lentil Pâté Dog Food Can, a delectable culinary creation specially crafted to meet the nutritional needs and satisfy the taste buds of your beloved canine companion. This premium dog food is a testament to Fromm Family’s commitment to producing high-quality, wholesome meals for pets.
At the heart of this delicious pâté is a succulent blend of whitefish and lentils, carefully selected for their exceptional flavor and nutritional value. Whitefish, known for its delicate and mild taste, provides a protein-rich foundation to support your dog’s overall health and vitality. Paired with lentils, which are packed with essential nutrients and dietary fiber, this recipe ensures a balanced and satisfying meal.




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